The Adventures of Malachi is a children’s book about teamwork and overcoming adversity. This 7 year old kid inspires Hip Hop legends Snoop Dogg & Master P. Malachi lost his vision due to senselessness gun violence. And now, he’s an author of his own book. He’s a top Math student. He’s learned how to ride a bike and he loves to play sports. Master P says, “This kid is full of life, he hasn’t given up, so why should any of us complain about our setbacks or conditions.” Snoop Dogg says,”Malachi inspires me. When I grow up I want to be just like him.e is a blessing.” His book is available in Braille and is printed by APH Press | American Printing House in Louisville, KY. To help support Malachi Roberts and further his education to go to college, purchase a book. All proceeds go to Malachi.


Master P and 7 Year Old Malakai Roberts Recently Published A Children’s Book That Has Turned Into An Animated Cartoon

“Adventures with Malakai: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”, a fun story about Malakai and his friends overcoming adversity through friendship, encouragement and perseverance. God made us all different. No matter what our limitations are, nobody is perfect. We are not all supposed to be good at the same things. But when we put all of our strengths together, that’s what makes us a great team. Nearly two years ago, Malakai Roberts was blinded at age 5 by stray bullets that tore through his family’s home in Lexington, Kentucky. But he hasn’t let it slow him down, he continues to inspire, recently published a children’s book with Master P that has turned into an animated  cartoon. “Adventures with Malakai” covers teamwork and overcoming adversity, written by Percy Miller and Malakai Roberts, animation by Ola Betiku. The New Adventures of Malakai episode one is a fun children animated cartoon with magical colorful characters such as Captain Ace, Roxy, Hercules, Max, Malaki and Uncle P, teaches life lessons for kids, it’s a read along story narrated by Master P.